The two interns Ryan and Shivashna got the complete Hello Monday experience within the first week of training.


My experience at Hello Monday has been full of novelty, as I’ve never worked in an office setting before, outside of University. My first week here was called on-boarding. Despite having a case of sensory overload (there was a lot of information to cover), the Hello Monday team did a great job of showing us the ropes and made us feel like another member of the group. Technical skills I’ve already learned include spotting the perfect CV, and to even applying that to my own (so if you need advice you know who to contact) as well as various time management/organisational skills I somehow didn’t pick up while in university.

Along with the new office setting, I’m in a whole new country altogether! I’m originally from the U.S and have been here for about three weeks now. Although New Zealand and the States are similar, there are a few cultural differences that make the experience even more interesting. For one, everyone is so much more laid back here/polite here. At the end of the first week here, Hello Monday attended a golf charity event, and I was surprised by how easily strangers golfing could get along, something that isn’t too common in the States.

– Ryan

As I start my professional career, what an exciting, and impactful week it has been for me at Hello Monday. All credit to the onboarding process that was used to train me for the daily on goings in the organisation. Will, Tara and Rachel have been amazing leaders. Straight out of attending university papers I had no experience in an office environment prior to this internship role and before applying I wished to work in a place where I felt comfortable to speak, build relations, and show my creativity. Fortunately, for me Hello Monday is a work environment filled with positive encouragement, leadership skills and go-team attitude. Therefore, I feel prepared to perform my daily tasks.

Through an organisation like Hello Monday that stands by their values “Speak up”, “Take ownership”, “Be positive”, “Deliver quality”, and “Build relationships”, I am determined to learn new skills and better my knowledge with the use of innovative systems and programmes. These values have been trained and practiced since day one and they make sure it is introduced in the onboarding process. The introduction week was well planned and I was introduced to the most important things day by day and it felt easy and not as difficult to remember. The team is an amazing bunch to work around, they are warm and welcoming and always include me in events, meetings, and workshops. I have already had amazing experience on the golf course where Hello Monday sponsored a charitable organisation. Although training and teaching everything in one week is not possible… Hello Mondays onboarding process was an excellent start to my journey here.

 – Shivashna