If you are a small business with 19 employees or less, then the 90 Day Trial Period will apply to you automatically. A lot of small businesses get this process wrong all the time. Here a few tips to follow:

  1. Give the right employment agreement to reflect the role i.e., permanent part-time and not a casual employment agreement.
  2. The employment agreement you give is current and has the right terms of agreement designed or reflected in your business.
  3. Importantly, give your new employee their employment agreement before their start date, and have them sign it and returned it to you before they start working for you.
  4. Trail Periods only apply to new employees.

Don’t allow any new employee (even if you know them) to sign their employment agreement on their first day. This invalidates their trial period, making it extremely difficult for you to activate it if you decide there are not the right fit for your business for whatever reason.