Allianz HR

Allianz Global Assistance’s history as a caring company extends to its staff – with Hello Monday.

When Allianz Global Assistance needed local HR support; they looked for a company to meet their exacting standards. “Our commitment to customer care is a point of pride for us”, says Karyn Spinetto, “and we wanted that same standard for our people”.

Allianz Global Assistance supports over 250 million people every year globally with a focus that goes beyond insurance. That focus is on assistance; being there for clients, navigating through complex situations and expertly delivering specialist advice, support and action. So when their New Zealand business unit needed some specialist local HR insight; they found the kind of support they were after with Hello Monday.

Karyn Spinetto, EA to the CEO of Allianz Global Assistance says, “Initially, as a small business unit, we needed expert support to bring our existing international HR processes in line with New Zealand standards. We reached out to our contacts and Will Allan of Hello Monday was specifically referred”.

“Compliance was essential but we also had a number of mandatory policies (internal to Allianz Global Assistance) so it was a question of entwining the two in a way that would meet all our obligations. Added to that was a mix of different existing agreements as a consequence of mergers and acquisitions so we needed a pathway to get all our HR policies and documentation in line.”

“Hello Monday provided the expertise we needed, and Will and his team were exceptional”, says Karyn. “The process involved reviewing all employment agreements, policies and procedures; we wanted to make sure nothing was overlooked.”

“Hello Monday’s philosophy of support, mirrors our own”, says Karyn. “They were adaptable, details focused and so professional. They were invaluable to our business looking at all the contractual angles and the outcome was clear documentation that complied with all our obligations, and fit within the New Zealand framework and culture.”

The next need was HR support for restructuring. Says Karyn, “Restructuring isn’t an easy process and positions were necessarily disestablished along the way. We wanted to be sensitive to our people’s needs and provide the best support possible throughout. Hello Monday really delivered.”

She continues, “Hello Monday provided on the ground support throughout. From writing position descriptions through to providing one to one support for people; they were invaluable. Ultimately, with their help, we were able to manage a difficult situation in a really fair and proper way”.

Will Allen, Director of Hello Monday says, “It was important to Allianz Global Assistance that staff were treated with thoughtful consideration. It wasn’t just about ticking the compliance boxes. We were as impressed with their focus as I think they were with ours”.

The most recent requirement for HR support has been in reviewing the Health & Safety policies and practices ahead of the Health & Safety at Work Act changes due from 4th April, 2016.

Says Karyn, “Hello Monday conducted an audit and produced a Health & Safety booklet for us containing all our guidelines. They implemented a framework that delivers for our internal Health & Safety committee as well as at executive level. And we’re very clear that we more than meet compliance requirements ahead of April’s changes.”

When asked for her final thoughts Karyn is unequivocal; “Will and his team have done an awesome job. Their availability was outstanding and their level of professionalism was exemplary. And I think it’s important to note that they delivered on time every time, even during times where there was significant change and challenges to be overcome”.

“I could not recommend Hello Monday more highly. They have been incredibly supportive through significant time of change and growth for us”. And as Allianz Global Assistance enters another stage of growth; with their commitment to caring for their people as much as their customers, we’re confident of their ongoing success.