How to Build a High Performance Management Team

The first quarter of the year is already half over and the pace of 2019 seems set to be another busy one! A key focus for Hello Monday this year is helping leaders in business become exceptional at leading and inspiring teams. In 2018 we teamed up with The Breakthrough Company to offer a leadership program called AMP (Active Management Programme) and this year we are excited to be introducing this program to more of our clients. Hello Monday would like to invite you to attend this free workshop where you can find out more.

AMP is a powerful, practical and proven development programme for leaders in business. It is extremely common for people to find themselves in management positions and have neither the experience nor the skills required to confidently be leaders in the business. AMP is specifically designed to provide the support that these leaders require to step up to their roles and be accountable for strong leadership across your business. It also allows them to get out of the operational stuff, remove self-doubt, see the big picture, coach their teams and change the way they operate in your business.

Hello Monday believe that the design and content of AMP is exceptional, which is why we have partnered with The Breakthrough Company to deliver the programme. The thought and expertise that has been put into the design and development of the course structure, modules, interactive co-labs and ongoing active learning makes this programme truly unique.

AMP follows the proven 70/20/10 model of learning and is facilitated monthly over a 12-month course to ensure greater retention of the knowledge and the ability to actively use the skills being learned on a regular basis. It involves minimal time from the learners and the senior leaders involved, with maximum impact on the active day to day performance of the team. Hello Monday is delighted to have partnered with The Breakthrough Company to facilitate the interactive and feedback sessions. The content and program structure is designed to deliver a new module of learning each month which is then worked on in a co-lab session for the learners to then actively practice over the following few weeks. Feedback on the learner’s performance is provided allowing for great support to then embed the concepts in practice. Hello Monday have a number of Senior HR Consultants and Coaches who we match to the client to facilitate the program.

We firmly believe that with strong leadership your teams and business can achieve some phenomenal results not just in the numbers but with your culture and your engagement levels. The impact this program is having on businesses is incredible. There are many examples of businesses moving from strength to strength with the strong leadership it promotes. Here is a link to a testimonial of one such client: AMP Customer/Coach experience

If you do have any questions about AMP, please call me on 021 945 504 or Tara Kingston on 021 672 310. We’ll both be in touch with you in the next couple of weeks to see if you’re available to come as we’d love to catch-up with you then but also we see the value of this program as a game changer to helping leaders becoming great.