It is important to keep in mind that each business is unique and different; no two businesses are ever the same as we all operate at different levels.

Things people need to take into account when dealing with your HR needs are:

  • Understanding your business operations and current processes
  • Focusing on your business needs and objectives
  • Finding what your company culture and values are
  • The current risks involved with your business

By thinking about these points, we are able to create a framework which is not only tailored to your needs but better equipped to help you achieve your goals. This is important because businesses need to focus on growth, and part of that growth comes from having processes which work to create value for your business.

HR exists to enable businesses to help meet their goals by understanding how they can add value through engaging with employees. They look at what employees value, what motivates them, how can we make them more productive, and translate that back into the company. They are also responsible for building and maintaining the employer brand while being cost-efficient and enforcing appropriate business management strategies to manage employees.

All this can be achieved by having a dedicated HR consultant who can deliver consistent HR services specifically designed to your business needs. We call this service retained HR.

How retained HR services will help your business:

  • Unlimited expert consultancy by an experienced HR consultant
  • Ability to plan ahead of HR requirements and regulations to keep your business updated
  • Ensuring all policies and procedures are compliant with relevant employment laws and regulations
  • Consistent support in organisation development, culture and employment relations
  • Professional development in leadership, coaching and career progression for individuals and teams
  • Advice, guidance and care in recruitment and selection processes

The support you will receive from Hello Monday will shift from being a transactional model into a true partnership. Have a look at a piece Will wrote earlier this year about “Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Outsource Their HR in 2019”.

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