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ReleaseWorks Needed the Pain Taken Out of HR and Hello Monday Delivered.

Hello Monday has helped ReleaseWorks grow their business in the last 12 months through effective team management and tailored HR initiatives. “We’re about our people”, says Director, Toni Helleur. Find out what a difference that makes.

Thriving business ReleaseWorks was introduced to Hello Monday just under 12 months ago.

Providing corporate massage and workplace wellbeing services, ReleaseWorks had a natural affinity for great team management but Hello Monday has had a vital role to play. Director, Toni Helleur says, “Hello Monday is a very important part of our growing business. My background is massage therapy, not HR and I needed help – we have our fingers in a lot of pies”.

In the last year, Hello Monday has provided employment and HR, support and advice to Toni while managing their enableHR – the online HR and Health and Safety business tool, businesses rely on. That support has included reviewing employment agreements, policies and procedures through to building an HR Toolkit and more recently a Contractor Toolkit for them.

Says Toni, “HR and especially Health and Safety was an area where I wasn’t confident before but I am now. Murphy’s Law; not long after we first started working with Hello Monday and enableHR we had a couple of situations where we needed to use it”.

“The system was really simple to use, easy to understand. I was very glad to have found both [Hello Monday and enableHR]. I had real peace of mind, knowing that everything we were doing was above board and meeting all the legal requirements.”

But Toni quickly realised that there was far more to Hello Monday than dotting i’s and crossing legislative t’s. She says, “These tools are a real part of growing our business – not just managing our business or documenting compliance. It’s not really about manuals and checklists (although they’re great); Hello Monday helps us go to a whole new level.”
Mitch Hall, Hello Monday’s enableHR team leader says, “We work hard to get our heads around the whole business. That’s where we add real value. ‘enableHR’ means we can see what they see because it’s based in the cloud. But it’s the relationship we develop with clients that really lets us make a difference. We listen. We pay attention. And we ask the dumb questions”.

Toni couldn’t agree more. “Hello Monday has ticked the boxes on processes for us but the unexpected bonus was the ‘happy factor’. I used to dread HR but now I’m actually starting to enjoy it. It’s good for business and it’s good for all of us. We can see how people are performing, manage KPIs and put effective practices in place to really develop our staff”.

She continues, “the Hello Monday team really listen and have taken our whole business on board. They’re the opposite of ‘finger wagging guardians of the rule-book’. I used to think ‘I better get this right or I’ll be in so much trouble’. Now I’m thinking up new ways to track, measure and reward the successes of the people in the business”.

“Even better it’s far from complicated. Having Hello Monday there for questions is great and the more I learn, the more I want to know. They have been amazing to bounce ideas off and help me get the most out of ‘enableHR’. I’ve been recommending them for a long while now. They are awesome.”

Will Allan, Director of Hello Monday says, “Toni is the kind of client who is really passionate about building a successful business. She wants to understand the rules and be fair to her team of course. But more importantly, she’s using effective HR policies and procedures to build her team up and create plans for future business growth”.

As Toni puts it, “Our business is based on people; that means taking great care of our team as much as our clients. We couldn’t be as effective without Hello Monday and the support we’ve put in place”.

The way we see it, that kind of attitude makes ReleaseWorks’ future look very bright indeed.

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