At Hello Monday, we are proud to have built up relationships with skilled candidates in a wide range of industries around Auckland.

Right now, we have talented job-seekers looking to harness and develop their skills in a new role. They bring substantial experience in areas ranging from education, operations, management and human resources. All are ready to hit the ground running and most importantly, add immediate value to your business!


Christine is an accomplished HR professional with experience in a range of areas including talent sourcing and HR systems and processes.

Christine is looking to take ownership of an HR role where she can find solutions and contribute to management and wider teams. She is knowledgeable about a number of HR functions including, payroll, contracts, reviewing and end-to-end recruitment. Proven experience in HR administration, coordination and implementation, she will streamline your HR and recruitment and become an asset for your team.


Ronnie is an incredible talent acquisition specialist with experience in recruitment and passionate about relationship building.

With over 7 years experience, her expertise lies with high volume, manufacturing, health and hospitality recruitment. Ronnie is also capable of implementing systems and processes to completely transform your business. She is passionate about connecting people and has a growth mindset – a specialist like Ronnie is the perfect person to have in your business.


Taryn is well experienced in Customer Service and Administration roles.

Over 9 years’ of experience in the Customer Service and Administration roles, Taryn has a combination of task orientation and relationship orientation skills. She comes from a corporate law background and has used her versatile skills to incorporate into her order management roles from web editor to international services. Taryn is the type that will best-fit for an organisation that needs an orientation for task management.


Manu is highly experienced with teaching and mentoring from diverse backgrounds.

In the course of 13 years’ Manu has developed extensive and successful experience and skills. Her skills vary from effectively developing and managing strong stakeholder relationships to coordinating and managing events and projects. Manu has a can do attitude and has a passion to get the job done to a high standard. Manu is definitely someone who can become a valuable team member to your organisation.


Amy is a proven strategic manager and leader in the business world.

From starting out on her own to now building and selling million-dollar businesses, Amy has over 18 year experience working in business management, planning and strategy. A big picture thinker, she handles business and relationship with open communication, motivation and integrity. The perfect general manager for you organisation!


Stephanie is a confident recruiter. having worked in senior recruitment roles, consulting roles and has also managed teams. She is looking to step into a position and make it her own.

With a bright and energetic communication style, her key strengths and passion lies in all things technical and has had plenty of experience with the integration of different systems. Stephanie is also passionate about training, mentoring and leadership development so would be an extraordinary asset to your company.


Michelle is a senior generalist HR practitioner with extensive experience in change management and cultural transformation.

Over 20 years’ experience in a broad variety of HR management roles in the private sector, Michelle has been responsible for managing, advising and training teams to support both organisation and employee growth. Passionate about diversity, inclusion and transformation, Michelle is the exactly the type of person you need to deliver quality results and add immeasurable value to your business.


Natasha has excellent experience in Customer service and Administration roles.

Over 11 years’ of working in a range of organisations, Natasha has pro-found abilities to perform a variety of customer focused, support and administration duties. Natasha is passionate about the education industry and her confidence and motivation best describes her in a group or team. Natasha has a loyalty to adapt to situations which is the type of person that can become a valuable part for the organisation.

These profiles are just a snapshot of the candidates we are currently looking to match with employers like you!

So please get in touch with us about your business and job vacancy – we think we have just the right person for you.

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