We know that finding the ideal workplace or job can be a challenge for varying reasons that not only need to satisfy your career, family, values and the actual type of work you are going to do. 

We pride ourselves on running a values-based business and include it in everything we do.  When you’re values with your people and organisation are in synch trust builds and this is where the magic happens.

We have an environment that caters to our people who are at different stages of life and career.  For Will starting Hello Monday was about been closer to his family and that extends to everyone now.  We have mums working part-time and remotely, flexible hours to fit in with family time, start and finish times to suit lifestyle, working remotely because we have technology that allows us all to do that.

Our culture is about collaboration, sharing ideas, helping each other and creating a safe environment where everyone has a voice and can contribute.  Some of our interns from our Internship program have brought ideas that have enhanced and changed our business for the best.

As a growing business we always keen to talk to people who are interested in joining us. Whether you are studying and looking for an internship, a HR Professional looking for a change, a recruiter looking for a new role, we’re a friendly bunch that are happy to chat.

HR Consulting

Here at Hello Monday we are always interesting in talking to HR consultants and building relationships with industry professionals.

Want to join a team of experiences HR consultants?

The team at Hello Monday are always interested to talk to HR professionals that are looking for additional work or a top up of hours. We have a strong pool of HR contractors who work with our clients and we want to continue growing this talent pool. 

A lot of effort and energy is put into sourcing clients and we call on our HR Contractors as and when we need them. If you are looking for options to work with an organisation that makes it easy to source and find work, then talk to us! We’re more than happy to help you.


Hello Monday have a proven successful internship program in place for university students looking for work-place experience.

The program gives students the opportunity to learn more about the HR industry, and gain valuable experience that will enable them to go out into the workforce confidently. The internship is a real hands-on role and will give the students exposure across many aspects of our business. Previous interns have moved to permanent positions within Hello Monday and others have finished their study and landed impressive roles in HR industry.

Our intern program is available to university students from both New Zealand and overseas.