About the Programme

The Hello Monday Lark (Internship) Programme is designed to help students learn about business and get a broad range of work experience related to their respective majors! It is ideal for students wanting work experience or to complete their co-operative placements. If you are interested in becoming a Hello Monday Lark (story behind the name is below), then get in touch today at hello@hellomonday.co.nz.

Our Story

Hello Monday decided that we didn’t want to use the term “intern” as a way of referring to the students that join us for work experience. Instead, we wanted a fun representation of our brand and the program!

We wanted the name to relate to “Hello Monday” and Lark is what we came up with! Larks are known as early birds that sing their way into the morning, which is just what we do here at Hello Monday. We believe that Mondays are about jumping out of bed and looking forward to starting work at the beginning of each week, not being weighed down with the Monday blues. In addition, the word lark has several other meanings that embody Hello Monday values. Lark also means:

  • something done for fun; to have a laugh
  • super speedy
  • to frolic cheerfully

All these meanings resonate with our brand and what we are looking for when we recruit for these intern positions! We want you to work hard and be efficient, but most of all we want you to enjoy your position at Hello Monday and be excited every morning when you get up to come to work!

Current Larks

Hazel Jackson
Hazel JacksonIntern HR/Recruitment Coordinator
I’m about to start my final year of uni at the University of California, Irvine. Once I graduate, I will have a bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science and a minor in French. However, I’m not sure what I want to do for a career yet, so I’m exploring lots of different options to help me find my path. This summer I was given the opportunity to partake in a psychology internship abroad through a program that matches students with companies based on their interests. Hello Monday was the only company that excited me. They presented a welcoming and relaxed environment on top of offering an internship where each task seemed interesting and would be relevant to me even if I ended up in a different line of work. At Hello Monday, I’ll learn about what makes a successful business, be immersed in a wide range of HR practices, and be involved in all sides of recruitment. While I’ve only been here a few days so far, I’m already impressed with Hello Monday’s emphasis on the human side of business, which isn’t a practice of every company.
Karishma Zafar
Karishma ZafarIntern HR/Recruitment Coordinator
I am currently pursuing my double degree in Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Law at AUT. It is through the interning program at AUT that I found out about Hello Monday. The moment I read up about Hello Monday, I instantly felt a connection with their brand and values. The emphasis on positive energy and zest attracted me right away and I wanted to be a part of their exciting team. Soon enough, it was time for my first day and this impression only improved with time. I quickly learned new tips and tricks that would be useful, not only for a career in HR, but also for aspects beyond my career. This opportunity is all about getting out of my comfort zone and having an open mind towards taking new opportunities; as Will said – “getting uncomfortable to get comfortable.” My role here will mostly revolve around recruitment and social media- but I am also looking forward to getting myself involved with other projects.
Vedika Yadav
Vedika YadavIntern HR/Recruitment Coordinator
I am currently working towards completing my bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management, majoring in Human Resources. For my final semester I was required to complete an internship in HR and I chose Hello Monday to do the same. Ever since, I saw their website I felt an instant connection with the vibrancy of it and identified strongly with the values that they represent. From the very first day I felt welcomed. All the opportunities provided are challenging and exciting simultaneously. My responsibilities at Hello Monday are mainly focused on, but are not limited to, recruitment. One of the biggest and best things I have learned here is that there is always something new to learn!

Here’s what some of our previous Larks have to say:

I joined Hello Monday as an intern to complete my cooperative studies. I had never worked in an office environment before but my time and experience here at Hello Monday has been phenomenal. All thanks to the heavy support of the team, Rachel, Will and Tara. They were so understanding with my challenges in the office and with on-going training I felt confident when performing tasks. I am grateful to have started the early stages of my professional career with Hello Monday as I have learnt so much in the process.
Shivashna P
I completed my internship with the amazing team at Hello Monday. It was my first time working in a admin heavy, corporate environment and I can say, without doubt, that I learnt some of the most valuable lessons as a recruitment professional. The team I worked with was supportive and taught me excellent candidate/client care – something they really pride themselves on. I had the most brilliant manager – Rachel, who provided ongoing training and support and really made me feel like a member of the team. Overall my internship was wonderful and I don’t think I would have gained such an awesome experience elsewhere.
Priyanka C
I did my bachelor internship at Hello Monday and absolutely loved it! They truly care about their candidates and clients and always do their best to help and support everyone involved in the recruitment processes or HR projects, which I was very impressed by. I now know what first class customer service look like! Great and inspiring team to work with! 🙂
Ingvild M