Performance reviews measure the progress that employees have made and how they compare against expectations. They are also a way for employers to make sure that they keep tabs on their staff’s overall strengths and weaknesses.

However, as we always say, HR is about people, so performance reviews shouldn’t be a conversation that is solely centered on work and performance. These conversations are also an important opportunity for employers to engage with their people on a deeper level.

What to discuss in a performance review
During a performance review, KPI’s should be a significant part of the discussion. If KPI’s haven’t been met, then the conversation can become a time to explore possible solutions for how those KPIs can be met, or you could discover that KPIs need to be changed to meet the evolving landscape of the business.

Many people are reluctant to answer the dreaded “where do you see yourself in 5 years” question, but understanding what your employee wants for their career is vital when determining how you can best support them. Knowing where they want to grow within your business may reveal possible areas of upskilling and will also give you a better scope of how the business itself can grow.
Performance reviews should also be a time to check in with your team. How are they doing outside of work? This doesn’t have to turn into a deeply personal conversation, but this should fundamentally be a discussion about them. By reaching out to them in this way, you will be further establishing the vital relationship that is employer/employee.

What should be achieved?
The exact outcome of every performance review will vary depending on the employee. However, in the end, there should be a general feeling of mutual understanding. You should walk away with a better grasp on how they are operating as an individual within the business, and they should walk away feeling heard and with some new tools that will help them succeed.

What else can you be doing?
It’s common for many employers to think this is a once-a-year type meeting. While having a dedicated time to sit down and review performance and KPIs is undoubtedly important, you should also be having ongoing discussions with your employees. Engaging in regular check-ins and follow-ups will only further establish the relationship and help keep everyone on the same page.
Hello Monday can help you navigate through performance reviews so you can be sure you are conducting a positive and constructive conversation.