Good recruitment takes a lot of time and effort. From writing great ads, sifting through CVs, initial phone interviews and organising interview schedules. It’s no wonder that a number of businesses sometimes struggle to maintain the level of efficiency and consistency required.

Here’s a little secret that could benefit your company and its recruitment practices:
Use a recruitment services provider!

Recruitment providers, agencies and outsourcing can sometimes come with negative connotations. There are pros and cons that come along with doing your recruitment externally, just as there are pros and cons to conducting your recruitment processes internally.

Outsourcing your recruitment processes and activities can save you time, money and effort. You also get the benefit of industry experience that comes with external providers. Organisations may also choose an outsourcing option to manage a high turnover rate and control seasonal business growth that can make it difficult to keep up with the hiring requirements.

Some other pros to partnering with a recruitment service provider are:

  • It’s a time-saver. It can be a demanding task keeping up with every step in the recruitment process. Outsourcing the groundwork to a recruitment provider means that you get presented the top talent available without having to go through hundreds of applications and can spend the time working on what your business does best!
  • It’s cost-effective. Although outsourcing your recruitment does cost you money, keeping your recruitment in-house can sometimes prove to be more expensive in the long run – even before you factor in the cost of a job posting, screening and testing. When you partner with a recruitment provider you aren’t just paying for the perfect candidate, you’re paying for the entire recruitment process.
  • Better response rates. Candidate care is one of the most important parts of the recruitment process. Responding to candidates at a timely rate and with a personal touch can easily be overlooked when you are trying to land a fast hire while also looking for the top candidates. A recruitment provider does all of that as part of the job to make sure no applicant is overlooked and everyone is communicated with.

These recruitment providers come with dedicated knowledge and resources, better-recruiting technology, strong relationships with high-quality candidates and talent pools, as well as advanced recruiting methods and strategies that can benefit your company and give you back valuable time and resources to put into your core business operations.

Some of the cons related to outsourcing recruitment activities include:

  • A lack of control. Outsourcing can sometimes feel like your organisation is losing control over the initial parts of the process and affects which of the candidates make it into the final steps.
  • There might be a wrong fit. Culture is one of the most important requirements of any potential employee. Having an outside party recruit a new employee can seem risky when they may not understand the culture or team that the candidate will step into.
  • Employer branding. With a third party recruitment provider involved, the fear is that the priority of portraying a strong employer brand is overlooked.

A good recruitment services provider will remove these doubts by:

  • Strongly communicating each step in the process and building trust with you – the client, just as much as they are building trust with the applicants.
  • Coming into your office and meeting with you to understand how the team works and what the culture is like in your business. Culture fit is equally important for candidates looking for jobs as it is for the team looking for a new employee.

All of this is done so that you can confidently know that the candidates you are meeting within the final interview stages are the top applicants in the pool. The trust and relationship you build with your recruitment provider is very important to the process but can add great value to your organisation if you choose to take that step.

We think recruiting the right people is essential to the success of any organisation or team, so making sure the start of your relationship with them (the candidate) is done well is our biggest priority. It is a privilege to be able to successfully manage the recruitment process for so many incredible companies around the country and we love being able to represent your brands.

If you’d like to get valuable time back and have access to some of the best talents in the market then please get in touch with the team at Hello Monday today!