As new restrictions are placed in response to the rise  COVID-19 cases in New Zealand it is crucial that we take all reasonable measures to avoid further spreading of the disease.

Tips on Caring for Yourself and Others

Use of Face Masks

For most people in the community, personal protective equipment such as face masks are not recommended. However, for people with symptoms of an acute respiratory infection, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that there may be benefit in wearing a face mask to reduce the spread of infection to other people.


Hand Hygiene

That is, washing hands regularly with antibacterial soap and water, or cleansing with hand sanitiser, with at least 60% alcohol.

Coughing or sneezing into a tissue or your elbow and then performing hand hygiene.


Staying at Home

When you are sick, stay at home and avoid contact with people.

Clean surfaces regularly with antibacterial cleaning products.

For more information, please see the Ministry of Health webpage on COVID-19.

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