The war on talent is not a new concept – with talent in such short supply and high demand, businesses are doing everything they can to retain their employees. This makes counteroffers during your recruitment process not only common – it’s now expected! Employers offering that higher salary and improved package they were going to give them next month, a review of responsibilities – even maybe a promotion. These are the things that businesses may offer when presented with a valued employee handing in their resignation. Which creates the question – Do they stay or do they go?

As recruiters, being able to handle this situation in the right way is essential as it can make the difference between a candidate accepting your offer or reverting back to what they know! Here’s a bit of advice when it comes to your candidate being faced with a counteroffer.

Introduce the idea early

If your candidate is actively looking for new work but is still currently employed, then make sure you discuss the possibility of a counteroffer during your interview process. Figure out why they want to leave their current position and ask them what they’d do if they were to be counter offered. By bringing up the topic early, your candidate won’t be surprised if it does happen and they’ll have hand time to think about the possibility before being confronted with it.

Support them with the resignation process

Resigning is never easy and can induce can anxiety and alienation in their current situation. More than likely, the candidate will have to remain in their workplace to work out their notice and depending on the business, this may be a less than positive environment. Being available to your candidate throughout this time can be reassuring and confidence filling. Give them advice on how to deliver the news and how much notice to give. Your relationship with them will strengthen and they will be confident that they have made the right decision.

Remind them of what’s in store for them

Emphasise the awesome element of the role and the reason they have gone through this process of finding a new job! Organise a tour of the new office, meet the team during final interviews and discuss company culture, potential for progression, location, benefits etc. Often a candidate doesn’t just move for a pay-rise – there are other factors that can’t be countered against so remind them of that!

Stay in contact

The resignation process has begun, and the candidate has worked out one week of their notice period with no problems. Suddenly they’re asked into the office by their manager and get offered a better package with a new title. They may be swayed if you haven’t kept in consistent contact with them. Touch base via email or text, even a phone call! It will ensure that your candidate remains confident and enthusiastic for the role. Be accessible to them, should a situation like this arise and most importantly, be a line of support!