Employee engagement measures how motivated your people are within the business. It’s an indication of the level of effort they are willing to put in and the level of commitment they have with remaining in the organisation.

Understanding your employees’ engagement can determine what actions need to be taken in regards to leadership. It will also provide an opportunity for you as an employer to understand where your people are at and the type of culture being cultivated within the business.

Types of questions you should be including in your survey:
1. “How do you feel about work?”
2. “Do you enjoy working with your team?”
3. “Are you given adequate recognition of your professional achievements?”
4. “Do you feel your leader is invested in you?”
5. “Do you see yourself working with this organisation in a year?”

It’s also important that these surveys remain anonymous, so your employees feel like they have the freedom to express their views, thoughts, and experiences without fear of being ostracised.
Hello Monday can not only help you develop these surveys, we can also help to build strategies around workplace culture, engagement, and leadership based on the results of the survey.