In collaboration with CDL and Insight CA we hosted our first free networking event on 13 August. It was a fantastic evening featuring Michael Peters, General Manager of Human Resources for Fairfax Media. Michael’s topic was “Growth for change”. Michael spoke about the changes that his business and the industry has had to go through in order to remain competitive and relevant to the changing landscape that is being influenced by the way we communicate news through technology. The newspaper has been around for hundreds of years and now technology or the way we receive news through mobile devices is threatening its existence. Michael gave us some very honest and practical insights, tips and advice into their journey for change in the past few years.

Across all business today, we are seeing more and more how technology is influencing change – we were able to better understand how Fairfax’s online media presence is vital to their business and the alternative strategies they’ve had to employ, embrace, remove and adjust to remain current and competitive. Michael, thank you for such a great presentation. We’ll be watching with interest how Fairfax continues to evolve.