Lift Leadership Capability in 2020 with AMP 

Hello Monday has partnered with the Breakthrough Company to facilitate a leadership development program called AMP or Active Management Program. AMP designed to help managers become better leaders and lift their capabilities to better lead their teams and drive solid business results.

We’ll help you get the most out of your people leaders with a learning a road map, a professional facilitator, a support squad so that you’re not alone and navigate your leaders to success.

AMP is  your opportunity to gain the knowledge, guidance and support that unlocks the full potential of yours business and you as a leader.

Recommended Solution

AMP is a 12-month programme that teaches one skillset per month through blended learning in a monthly cycle:

  • Online learning:  Your leaders individually watch the video’s, record notes in their AMP workbook, do the quizzes and choose a practice: 30 mins a month.
  • Co-lab Group: Your leaders meet with their designated Coach as a group and discuss the skillset for the month, challenge and hold each other accountable to progress: 60 mins a month.
  • Individual Coaching:  The Business Leader meets with each Manager individually to review their learnings from the content and discuss their chosen practice and how they will apply it in their day to day: 15 mins a month.
  • Business Leader briefing: The Business Leader and Coach meet to discuss the teams progress, and ensure the Managers are adopting practices with their team: 30 mins per month.
  • The commitment: Each month your leaders take just 1.5 hours to complete the online content and attend the Co-lab meeting.  Their chosen practice is adopted into their working day and they are held accountable by the coach and the group.

The skillsets are designed to transform your people from managers into great Leaders, and with just one topic per month, there is plenty of time for them to adopt each skillset and make it a habit as they go.

See the curriculum below:


Month    Skillset

1              Core concepts – leverage, focus, practice

2              Active v Reactive Management

3              Manage your time and get the big stuff done

4              Self-awareness, finding your styles

5              Manage and stick to priorities

6              Grow yourself through delegation

7              Develop talent

8              Communicate clearly and directly

9              Difficult conversations

10           More productive meetings

11           Make better decisions

12           Manage stress

This year is the year to invest in your leaders and your culture. Strong leader drives a strong culture.  Our clients who have got AMP in their business are seeing the benefits the program is bringing to their leadership teams collaborating, teamwork and understanding of how to lead people. Our professional coaches are seeing people develop, grow and coming out of their shells to become only engaged leaders but great people.

To find out more about AMP and get your people onto a program that will make a difference, contact Will directly on 021 945594 or email