When you are having meetings or catch-ups with your team or a team member, try and get into the habit of sending them a follow-up email to confirm what was discussed and the expected outcomes.

We find that if you have a record of discussions, it helps when things become a performance issue. It can be challenging to hold people accountable when you don’t have a record of conversations or meeting notes.

We find that when clients do this as normal practice, it helps when we are working with them over issues of poor performer in the team. By doing this you ensure that your team or the person is on top of their tasks and responsibilities.

Our tips are:

1. Send a follow-up email straight after the meeting (if you can) to confirm what was discussed
2. Appoint someone the task of sending follow-up emails
3.  Understand the expectations of how you want the task or things done
4. Set when you would like things completed (timeframe).

By following these simple tips it can help you out in the long run and it’s also a good habit as it maintains a standard that you operate in.