Business owners and their leadership teams are constantly making challenging decisions about the best way to manage and run their operations. As part of being a key decision maker, you may have also considered outsourcing the human resource function or tasks for you business. Outsourcing HR functions may not be as challenging as it sounds. Outsourcing offers businesses to mitigate various risks and brings significant value to their organisation. Here are four reasons why outsourcing is in the best interest of your business.


  1. Cost-effective

Integrating a fully functioning in house HR department requires additional space and hiring HR specialists. Many small and medium business find it more cost effective to outsource their HR function, it’s a trend that has been happening aboard for a number of years and is now a viable option for New Zealand businesses. Outsourcing helps reduce the cost of maintaining back office expenses that are otherwise non-revenue generating or time consuming. We offer various bespoke options when it comes to helping you with your HR. Outsourcing costs are variable and can be reduced if you decide to become part of our Retained HR Services


  1. Keeping up with compliance

This is the most common areas that medium to small businesses struggle with. The greatest challenge is that failing to comply to legislation can lead to serious financial consequences that impact cash flow, business reputation, culture and engagement. Fortunately, we are here to take that stress away from you! Hello Monday, is already a trusted HR services provider that helps current understand and take responsible actions to be in line with employment law legislation and regulations. Our clients have their very own dedicated HR Consultant who they can meet face to face or have contact via phone or email.  We also have a dedicated team for advice and support through our main line and email.


  1. Employee development

Your employees are the most important asset in your business, so it goes without saying that their development should be one of your top priorities. If you outsource your HR functions, you can manage your employee performance and development. We offer both group and one-on-one workshops to help you and your team become better professionals. We also provide perpetual learning and development for your leadership’s teams through AMP our leadership development program.


  1. Risk mitigation

Employment law is notorious for changing regularly and we’ve see a lot since the Labour Government have been in power. It often becomes challenging for employers to remain up to date with legislation changes that affect the workplace. By having our team there to help you interpret and understand the changes for you is already putting you a step ahead but also removing the stress of what you need to know and what to communicate to your people. Outsourcing your HR needs will help you not only comply with employment law changes but will avoid costly personal grievance brought on by employees. This is something we help a lot of our clients with.



At Hello Monday, we will give you access to a fully outsourced HR service. This includes on-call support for when it really matters. Our contemporary systems and tools together with our consultants will help you navigate through tricky HR situations and help you achieve your HR goals by meeting your fundamental people needs. A meeting with us will remove any angst you have about employing people or what employment legislation changes mean or what action you should take if you have a tricky employment matter.

If you have any questions or think your business may need HR support, please contact us at +64 9 377 5200 or, email us at