Recent cases of harassment in the workplace have brought to light – now more than ever – the importance of creating a safe working environment for employees.  It’s a very sensitive topic but is one that should be spoken about directly and openly in the workplace.  In our industry, we have found that employers are aware that this type of behaviour occurs but are unsure how to manage it.

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to set an example of acceptable behaviour in the workplace.  It’s also vital to create a company culture where everyone feels accepted, respected and comfortable working with a diverse range of people.  Workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination can ultimately be detrimental to your company’s reputation and can severely impact employee wellbeing.

We have put together a few tips below to help you manage harassment in your workplace:

Open and honest communication.

Creating awareness of workplace harassment and giving your employees the confidence to speak openly and honestly is a vital step towards creating a safe and happy workplace.  All employees should be aware of what type of behaviour is acceptable and not be afraid to speak up.

Policies and behaviour.

Establishing suitable policies and procedures could help mitigate the risks of a large issue arising and also protect your employees’ best interests.

Managing complaints.

All complaints of bullying, harassment and discrimination should be taken seriously and investigated immediately.  The person who has made the complaint should also be supported appropriately.  If you are unsure of how to deal with complaints of this nature, we are here to help.

Positive workplace culture.

Building a positive workplace culture where all employees feel respected is an important part of keeping them safe from bullying, harassment and discrimination.  We have touched on the importance of employee wellbeing in a previous blog article.

Training and information.

It’s important to equip your management team with the right tools and information to help them manage complaints properly.  Hello Monday can run workshops in your workplace to help give managers the confidence to proactively deal with complaints as they arise.

If you wish to hear more about our harassment workshops and how we can help you, please do get in touch.