If you or your family need to retreat into COVID-19 related isolation, it is important to plan what you will eat.

Here are some tips on managing food during COVID-19:

Food delivery during self-isolation

While this might seem like a convenient option, make sure you consider healthy options. Popular options like UberEats have options to have your food left on the doorstep. This is a convenient way to avoid contact and ensure everyone stays safe.

Planning meals

Planning meals can help you create cost-effective solutions and ensure you have everything you need to feel comfortable at home.

Batch Cooking

This is helpful while you are feeling well. It is a good idea to bulk cook meals in a day and freeze them for later incase you don’t feel like cooking at a later stage.

Stocking Up

While its important to not panic and buy unreasonably, stocking up on some canned foods like lentils, beans and vegetables is not a bad idea for when you don’t feel like going to the supermarket.

Turn Up the Heat

Spicy foods help with respiratory blockage. Sometimes just a hint of ginger can help too!

For more information on healthy foods and recipes, please see Healthy Food Guide.