About Us

Our Story

Hello Monday started as an idea, and that was to provide a service to help businesses sort their fundamental HR, and people systems and processes. Our founder and Director, Will Allan, came up with the concept while working in corporate HR roles. Will saw that there was a need to provide an HR service tailored specifically towards small and medium sized businesses who needed help to navigate and understand their HR obligations. The HR function in any business is important, no matter the size or industry.

Hello Monday was born in Auckland four years ago. We pride ourselves on being problem solvers, delivering customised, and fit-for-purpose HR solutions. This allows businesses to get the outcomes they want through their people.

Our Brand

Our brand story starts with our name – Hello Monday. Will initially came up with a name that was a real mouthful! Then working through the business concept with the help of Waking Giants, we came up with Hello Monday.

Hello Monday is about jumping out of bed, and looking forward to starting work at the start of each week, rather than being weighed down with the Monday blues.

Our brand is about zest, energy, drive and passion for what you do.  It’s about bringing all of yourself to your work, because you want to be there, and you want to contribute to the success of your company, and everyone around you.

The clients we work with, and the people we come across are treated like good friends. We genuinely want to help, just as you would with a good friend.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help business achieve their goals and objectives through their people. You look after your people, and they will look after your business. It’s that simple.

Our Values

Our values were carefully chosen with the input of everyone in our team. We believe in running a values-based business, as it holds everyone accountable. The values we chose reflect how our business started and how we continue to develop, looking after our clients and ourselves.

Hello Monday Values


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