Here at Hello Monday, we constantly look for ways to optimize how our business functions. As HR Consultants, we advise businesses on how to retain and develop their best talent. It comes as no surprise that company culture is a huge driver.

The relationship between company culture and your ideal employee is a two-way relationship. On one hand, tailoring your work environment to the type of employee you want is a key factor in attracting the right talent. On the flip side however, you want to hire the right candidate cognizant of how they would fit into your current culture, values, and goals. Statistically, salary tends to be less important to talent than these key factors when it comes to retention.

Don’t know where to begin? That’s alright, because the crème de la crème of the workforce has a set of characteristics and values in common. By understanding people’s motivation to join and stay with businesses, you can help maintain your company’s talented workforce through.

Qualities of an exceptional employee

  • Desire to go above and beyond expectation and challenge the status quo.
  • The ability to build positive working relationships on all levels of a business. Exhibits excellent active listening skills.
  • Motivated by the opportunity to learn new skills and develop. A growth mindset.
  • A self-motivated leader.

Here are some general company values that can correlate with these qualities above. When company values are integrated into everything the company does – this creates a greater sense of purpose and direction for everyone.

  • Passion, contribution, courage, taking ownership
  • Excellence and loyalty
  • Respect, team work, care, empathy, and service to others
  • Open-mindedness, optimism, innovation

Great members of your team have the intelligence to select environments where recognition and respect are emphasised. Hello Monday believes that there is a balance between taking ownership and working as a team to stay true to the business values. We love our values, and they are front of mind with every interaction and piece of work we deliver.

This article’s photo are our values, which are proudly decaled on our wall. Our values are the very first thing people see when they come through our front door.