The winter season is in full swing now and unfortunately for workplaces, a few other things that come with the cold wet weather are sick employees and sunny Europe vacations. The unexpected time off or short-term gaps can mean that teams are sometimes left scrambling to make sure business is running as usual or important tasks fall through the cracks.

Here’s some advice around preparing for when an employee is away:

Processes, processes, processes!

Having your systems and processes documented is probably the most important thing for keeping on top of all the work your team does. Being able to pull up an SOP  around a certain program can be life-saving when you need to send that invoice or try and understand a spreadsheet! As soon as a process is finalised or system is up and running, get the team member across it to create a manual on what they do and how to use it. A simple step by step guide is the best way to make sure that anyone can pick up where they’ve left off if they are away sick or going on holiday.

To show care and consideration to your employees, make sure they can take a day off sick or go on vacation without the worry that things won’t get done while they are away. Being able to get someone across the work by documenting what needs to be done is one of the best ways to stay on top of the workload!

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