When I first started Hello Monday eight years ago, people would ask me if I just hired and fired people. After a while, that statement started wearing thin as I know that I do more than just that as an HR professional. That particular area only represented a small part of my role as an HR practitioner. As Hello Monday has grown and evolved over the years, our support to our clients has become more diverse and given us the opportunity to do more exciting work that pushes us as HR people. It has encouraged us to think more about where our clients are with their business and how we can help them by expanding our services and bringing in new ideas and concepts that will have significant outcomes for their people and their business.

Technology has definitely changed since I started Hello Monday, and it has also enabled us to offer different services to our clients. Devices like phones, software, APPs, suppliers, partners have changed the way we do things. With all that change, the one main constant is that HR is about people and the ability to connect with people.

As an outsourced HR company, we can be viewed with uncertainty when we are brought in to help a business with an HR issue or to lift the profile of HR in that organisation. It’s fair to say that everyone has a different view on HR and its presence and purpose.

One of our values which I am so proud of is “Building Relationships”. We use this to connect with our clients and their people to make them feel safe and to trust us that we are there to help. By removing that uncertainty, we can do so much by talking to people and understand where they are and how we can help. This connection has opened the door to introduce services like engagement surveys, workshops, mentoring, and coaching.

Recently I was asked by a prospective client why they should choose us over HR software. My reply was simple. We understand people and situations. An HR software is a tool to help you collect, store, and give you information. It’s not going to solve your HR issues. People will do that, and that’s what HR is about, connecting with people.

I believe we do that really well at Hello Monday.