At Hello Monday, we provide your business with operational, strategic and ongoing HR support. We work close with either small, medium or large businesses across industries from Professional Services, Retail, Services, Insurance, Finance, Technology and IT, Hospitality, Trades to name a few.

The beauty of HR and what we do is that the processes and legislation remains the same across industries, so there is not much we haven’t come across. What will be different is your culture and how your people work and we easily slot in to provide our service and support.

With our established contemporary HR and business systems, tools and processes, and knowledge, we help you navigate through tricky HR and people situations, to assist you to understand your HR and legal obligations and protect your business and your people so, that you meet your organisational goals and your fundamental people needs.

We have a team of very experienced Senior HR Consultants on hand to deliver our service to you and your teams. Our HR Consultants are available to you either face to face, when it matters for those very challenging situations or a quick phone or email when you need to run something past them to make sure you’re on the right track.

Our team will coach you through every phase of your HR journey from starting out to managing change and growth. Our clients feel a sense of comfort and trust when they can pick up the phone and call one of our team to run something past them.

Our Service

Our HR services and consulting start from setting up your fundamental HR building blocks and ensuring you have all the right employment documents like employment agreements, policies and procedures, job descriptions, employment applications forms, letters and performance reviews in place.

We then work with you on your attraction and retentions strategy; as it’s always hard to find good people and then how to keep them. We help you with building and maintaining strong levels of employee engagement, helping you define and realise your visions and values to instil them in your business to grow your culture. We look at your business with a long term view and help you with workforce planning for growth and change, recruiting and keeping the right talent, and interpreting the intricacies of current and changing employment law and navigating through tricky people issues when they arise. This way you don’t have to worry about HR as we have it all under control for you.

How we make a difference

We are a people business, and it is so important for us to stay connected with you and understand your business, your goals and objectives and what direction your business is going and how we can help you get there. When you become a Hello Monday client, you will have a dedicated HR Consultant working closely with you all the time, who is focussed on supporting and helping you with all your HR needs and changes. Our HR Consultants are extremely competent and are supported by a wider Hello Monday team. If HR activity starts to increase in your business or you have multiple HR Projects on the go, we have a team to support you.

The service that we give you access when we work with you makes available from a fully outsourced HR service, which includes face to face catch-ups with your HR Consultant to on-call support when you just need to ask a question and not worry about the cost.

If you’re not looking for outsourced HR support but have HR Projects or adhoc work or support when things happen suddenly then we can still support you as well. Our service is about helping our clients and ensuring that their business and people are protected at all times.

Our experienced team can identify and implement your HR strategy, update your HR systems and processes, set your talent plan, and assess the HR compliance in your business to ensure you’re covered.