Employment Relations or ER can be very tricky to sort out if you don’t know what you’re doing, whether it’s poor performance, disciplinary action, restructure, absenteeism, mediation, a personal grievance or a dispute, Hello Monday are equipped to help your business with any ER issue that pops up!

We are on hand to provide you with all the HR help and support you need to protect your business and meet your legislative employment obligations. We will hold your hand throughout the entire process whatever it maybe.

As an employer, you will encounter employees with poor performance or time keeping, or who are guilty of serious breaches of business guidelines and rules. All these people problems need timely and correct handling. We will make sure you have a comprehensive processalong with support from the start to the end. We will be there to guide you through each step as your HR provider, we are all about process and this is what we are very good at.

Our support is personalised, and it comes in a combination of face to face, phone and email, and when it really matters, we can be there in person to make the whole experience as painless as possible. With our advice and help, you can be reassured that your processes will be legally compliant, and we point out the risks along the way.

Disciplinary issues fall into two main categories: misconduct for minor infringements and gross misconduct which can result in summary dismissal. We are on hand when you need to have a 5 minute call to check where you stand and what steps you can take and this can be at the preliminary stages and then when things start escalating, we are again there to support you when it matters. HR process is a minefield and you want to feel secure that you have the right help, along with the way with the best advice.

Investigations or misconduct

A thorough investigation into any employee misconduct or a grievance allegation must be undertaken unless the situation is obvious. We are only a phone call if you need to check your process, ask a question and want our help to be there with you.

We can provide impartiality to businesses who do not have enough resources in-house or want us present to help.  We do this quite often with a lot of our clients who want to ensure that they are doing the right thing. As an outsourced HR provider our clients people know who we are and what we do.

Performance Issues

People do not turn up to fail in their jobs. There are some employees who underperform because they do not have the necessary skills to do their job, have not been provided training or something outside of work or inside of work is affecting their performance. Where do you start? Working with us takes away the angst and uncertainty of where to begin.

You may have someone in your team who has been on extended sick leave and you don’t know where to start to address this. Again, you may have someone in the team with too much sick leave that it is placing an unfair burden on the team and pressure on the business. We can help here too.

To manage these situations, you will need to ensure you have policies and guidelines in place to follow and on how to manage these situations when they arise.  We work with clients all time with these issues and know how to address them and help you avoid any personal grievances, which can be very costly.

Restructures and change

Business change is perpetual and sometimes change could mean restructuring parts of your business and roles that have become superfluous or services underperforming because of market conditions or change in technology or you have decided to sell your business. Whatever the reason, we help you ensure that the change process you undertake is watertight, compliant and done with empathy.  We know that change is difficult and how it especially impacts people.  When we work with clients, we ensure that we understand the scenario around the change and walk them through the options and possibilities. Our objective is to ensure that there is minimal impact and disruption to the organisation through change when we work with clients.

We can help you with all these scenarios above and ensure that you follow good solid process and have the best advice to help you make good decisions. 

If you have reached a point where you need HR help because you are not sure what steps to take or simply don’t have the time to manage aspects of HR, then Hello Monday can help you get things back in order.

Want to know more about how we can help you with ER issues. Simply call us on 09 3775200 or email us on hello@hellomonday.co.nz and we’re glad to help you.


Our HR Advice and support services range from on the phone support to onsite in your workplace through to mediation if required.

To discuss your people and ER needs, please do get in touch on 09 377 5200 Or hello@hellomonday.co.nz