Employment Relations

Employment relations can be a tricky thing to sort out. Whether it’s a mediation, personal grievance or other dispute, Hello Monday are equip to help your business with any employment relation issue that pops up!

Other services we offer are around any organisational restructures and change and performance management.

We can provide you with all of the HR support you need to protect your interests and meet your legislative employment obligations.

Our HR Advice and support services range from on the phone support to onsite in your workplace through to mediation if required.

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     What we do

     – Ensure your processes & policies are sound
     – Provide tailored coaching to managers and decision-makers
     – Create best practice guidelines to assist in difficult situations
     – Play an active part in formal processes and review documentation
     – Help you through difficult conversations


     – Performance Management
     – Organisational Restructures
     – Disciplinary & Investigation Procedures
     – Personal Grievances & Mediation
     – Legislation Interpretation & Updates