Online HR System – enableHR

Technology has rapidly changed how we work and in our industry, that’s no different.  At Hello Monday, we utilise cloud technology where ever possible to make things easily accessible for ourselves.

We want to do the same when it comes to our clients.  Through an online HR system (enableHR), you will have a legally NZ compliant and secure online HR management system that that will simplify your business’ day-to-day HR management and house everything in one place.  This includes workplace health and safety management, employee management, paperless on-boarding, resignations, employment documents, document control and storage for your employees.  We manage enableHR for you and make it easier for you to retrieve any HR documents or information you require.


More than 8,000 businesses use enableHR.

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  • Save yourself time and money! An easy to use, efficient and cost effective solution
  • HR, workplace health and safety management solutions for employees, contractors and volunteers. Regardless of your workforce composition, we have you covered
  • Over 200 pre-populated templates, workflows, policies guides and tools for all for all stages of the employee lifecycle
  • Cloud based platform facilitates access to employee records anytime/anywhere
  • Backed by a New Zealand leading specialist employment law firm

Return on investment

  • A solution that gives you back time
  • Central, secure and easily accessible solution that enables non-HR professionals to complete complex HR transactions
  • Keeps your HR documents automatically updated and aligned with current NZ legislation and best practice