Recruiting for Success

You already know that recruiting is pretty specialist skill set… and that it takes time. We’re not just a recruitment company; we hand hold you through every step of the recruitment process from creating a robust recruitment plan, to writing an attractive job description through to making the offer and inducting your new team member into your company.

The right team and the right team fit is essential to the success of your business. We just make sure that’s what you get by helping you put your best foot forward from the outset.

Recruiting takes an average of 26 hours per person… that’s time you could be spending on driving what’s important in your business. It’s a no brainer to get in touch.

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You want certainty in your recruitment process. Our 10-step recruitment plan gives you that. Here’s what we can do for you:

  1. Understand exactly what kind of person you need, detail by detail
  2. Write your position description tailored to the role and your business needs
  3. Help you design the right pay structure and benefits to attract the person you need
  4. Create a professional and compelling job advert to attract the right candidates
  5. Design a tailored interview process to reveal your most ideal candidate
  6. Screen and manage all applicants against your requirements
  7. Provide you with a short-list of qualified candidates based on your requirements and our experience
  8. Complete all necessary background checks including but not limited to; verbal reference checks, police and criminal background checks and credit/ACC checks etc.
  9. Short-list your most qualified candidates and professionally manage all unsuccessful applicants
  10. Prepare a robust employment agreement that meets the highest standards and structure an induction plan for you to onboard your successful new employee.

We give you confidence at every stage of the recruitment process. Just get in touch, we’re here to help.