Hello Monday understand the value of delivering a message to multiple people in a business. In order to do this well, workshops, are often the best solution.

We find that by working closely with you to understand your needs and the message you want to get across to your people in an engaging way.

Hello Monday has designed and developed a suite HR workshops covering key competencies and HR areas that businesses need to be across for example;

  • Managing poor performance
  • Courageous conversations
  • Running an investigation, disciplinary, change and restructure
  • Misconduct and dismissal
  • Recruitment
  • Candidate care
  • Legislation updates
  • Company culture, vision and values.

Workshops can be a great vehicle for embedding HR practices in your business. Often found as part of a blended solution they are an engaging and interacting way of involving your team and supporting the HR function. 

We are experienced in delivering our workshops across a wide variety of clients and industries.  We also design tailored workshops for your team and business that are relevant to your specific needs. 

Our workshops can range from 1 hours to a full day.

We have an awesome pool of experienced HR professionals who facilitate this work.

Here are some our our recent workshops:

We had a lot of fun delivering our WOW (Ways of Working) workshop to the AUT Student Association team. This wonderful group of people have gone through significant change in the past 18 months, and change is difficult and confronting but the team have embraced some of the challenges that change brings and with our help we are working through some now with them. We were asked to come and run a workshop to interpret their engagement survey results and also bring the team along the journey of continuous improvement. Through the workshop were able to get them to better understand the importance of driving a high performance culture, the significance of running a values based work and team environment, holding each other accountable, reinforcing the purpose of their roles and their duty to serve the students at AUT. Importantly, we also emphasised how important it is to have fun as well.

After our session the team felt that they were more aware that everyone felt the same about the changes and that the changes weren’t isolated to them, they felt empowered that others were feeling vulnerable too and that now they can talk openly to each other about the changes, confronting topics got raised which relieved tension. The content of the workshop got the team to really understood the reason why values are so important to bring a team together especially during tough and unsettling times. Each person took something away from the workshop and were confident that the workshop gave them tools that they can apply straight away into their roles. We especially, loved that the team felt more in control of what lay ahead but also that each person was able to openly express what they learnt and how they could apply what they learnt. We know that there is more work to be done with the team and through our support and collaboration we will get them to become a high performing team. A huge thank you for the AUTSA Leadership team for taking the initiative to continuously improve the workplace culture and allowing us on their journey.