The future of work seems to require organisations to stay one step ahead, implement change initiatives and react to change in a fast and flexible way. The pressure to drive organisation change is placed on HR – are you ready?

It’s an exciting and challenging time to be in HR leadership at the moment. Forces are slowly driving HR out of its long-established functional room at the end of the hall (managing contracts and payslips) and pulling it into a chair at the management table to drive core values and execute and manage change.

This opportunity has come from a fundamental shift in understanding the nature of work itself and the push for companies to embrace and act on purposes that are bigger and seemingly more important than just profit. This development is people-centered and that’s why HR is being pulled into the core of the business operations.

Highly effective HR leadership provides:

  • Vision and direction.
  • Collaboration and influence.
  • Progress and growth.

HR leaders are agents of change. High performing management teams are prepared for change and the future of work. Find out more by getting in contact with us about our partnership with the Breakthrough Company’s leadership program – AMP (Active Management Programme).