Pretty much all of New Zealand can agree that 2021 lockdowns have been harder on us than last years. This might be because Auckland’s level 4 was the longest we’ve experienced so far, but something about this time around just felt different for everyone.

While having been through this experience before may have meant that, for employees, settling back into their work from home set ups was an easier transition than the first time around, they were also met with a familiar wave of disappointment, stress, and anxiety.

As an employer, it’s important that you make time for mental health check-ins to see how your staff are coping during lockdown.

Mental Health check-in checklist:

  1. Set up daily team meetings
  2. Organise individual chats with employees (either by phone or by Zoom/Teams)
  3. Reinforce breaks (e.g. go for walks during the day, go get a coffee)
  4. Make employees aware of access to mental health programmes
  5. Be transparent about your strategy moving forward (some employees’ might have anxiety about moving back into the office)

Hello Monday can help you develop a lockdown engagement strategy, so you can provide your employees with the support necessary to get them through this time.