Managing any workplace disruption whether it is lateness, absenteeism, performance, or bullying is difficult. Not all our clients are experienced or experts in dealing with these matters and we don’t expect them to be. That’s where Hello Monday comes in.

Over the past few months, we have seen an increase in disruptive behaviour in different forms. Some are easy to deal with and some are difficult to tackle. It is these difficult ones that cause distress in the business and operationally. When you are down a person it has a massive impact on day-to-day operations and on customer service.

With any disruptive behaviour we would recommend that you make a note of the behaviour and address it immediately with the person. Sometimes they may not be aware of their behaviour or the impact it has.  They may have things going on outside of the workplace that could be influencing the behaviour.

Our approach has always been to address situations with an open mind unless it is a pretty clear breach of your workplace policies and guidelines. Also, the longer you leave any disruptive behaviour, the higher the risk that it becomes forgotten or starts to fester and create tension.

Always being proactive in addressing any disruptive behaviour straight away sends a clear signal of your standards and what you expect of your people and the workplace standards. In the current climate, strong leadership from the top through to your people and operational leaders is critical to keep the heartbeat of your organisation in good rhythm.

Any type of behaviour that has the potential to be disruptive must be addressed with a strong process of gathering facts and investigating and following your internal processes.

If you are not where to start or need guidance in this area, please do not hesitate to contact myself or one of the team on 90 377 5200 or hello@hellomonday.conz