Sick Leave has been an issue that a lot of small businesses have struggled with this year post-COVID.  Where they have struggled is how to manage the conversations around sick leave.  For example, one of your team texts you to say that they have a scratchy throat or a running nose and they don’t want to spread it in the workplace.  However, they can still work from home and be productive. The first couple of times you can accept it but when it starts becoming a habit what do you do?


  • Identify if there are patterns; for example, are they texting every Monday or Friday morning?
  • Let them know that you are noticing this is becoming a habit and you are concerned, and are they looking after themselves?
  • Ask for a medical certificate if you have concerns but be prepared to pay for it
  • Review your sick leave policy; what does it say and is it current.

I am a firm believer in people being productive and companies being flexible, but COVID has really changed a lot of our norms. The fear of spreading something to others especially during these times makes it a challenge for all and especially companies that want to keep their people together.  By following the simple tips above, it will help you confront this issue.