At Hello Monday, we love giving motivated young individuals the opportunity to gain some valuable work experience.  Our interns not only learn new skills but will also have an advantage (due to the work experience) when applying for entry-level positions at the end of their studies.

Meet our two newest interns:

Samsara Cawley

Samsara is currently studying a bachelor of business at AUT, majoring in both marketing and management.  She is currently splitting her time between marketing and HR tasks so she can gain an understanding of both fields.  Samsara comes from a Cook Islands background and carries her family values closely. She is passionate about people, cultures and travelling.

Anup Aparajit

Anup has recently completed his Post-Graduate Diploma in Business majoring in Human Resource Management at Massey University.  He is currently assisting us with various HR and recruitment tasks.  Anup is very enthusiastic and motivated and has a passion for HR. He enjoys meeting new people, is an avid table tennis player and a big-time foodie!


If you are interested in completing an internship at Hello Monday, please feel free to contact us.