We had four new Larks (interns) join our little family at Hello Monday! Just like our previous round of Larks Hazel, Karishma, Vedika, and Walid  got to experience the week long onboarding process. Here’s what they thought of the experience.



My onboarding experience with Hello Monday was excellent. From the minute I walked in the door they were friendly and welcomed me to the team. While starting any new position can be intimidating, this was also my first time in an office setting and in New Zealand! Hello Monday really helped ease the transition into my new position and the country because their onboarding week was full of information presented in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. They are very helpful and encourage the interns to ask questions. They also do a good job helping me understand some of the cultural differences between New Zealand and the US, which isn’t something everyone will do.

During onboarding week, I got to learn about how to write job listings, evaluate CVs, and market the business. I’m impressed with Hello Monday’s attention to context and the human aspect of human resources. I think it is great that they acknowledge the world isn’t black and white and that they really care about everyone they work with. In the coming weeks, I am excited to get more involved in the recruitment process and learn more about the HR services they provide.



The days leading up to onboarding week were full of both excitement and nerves. My first interaction with the team was wonderful as I instantly felt welcomed and felt eager to learn more about the business and its people! I thoroughly enjoyed getting into interesting discussions about all the various aspects of Hello Monday and how many different services they provide. I particularly enjoyed learning about their “Retained HR services” and how they prioritise their client’s needs through offering a diverse range of services. One of the most crucial things I learnt was that I am not alone! I never felt like I knew exactly where my career is headed.

However, during the onboarding week, the team at Hello Monday shared their fascinating career journeys. This made me realise, it is often that university students do not know what they want. So, instead of worrying about it, I reiterated to myself that I am here to learn and that this amazing opportunity will help me get a better understanding of my skill set and where my career might take me. Even though, I am not experienced in an office atmosphere, the awesome team at Hello Monday made me feel comfortable and supported. I am so looking forward to learning valuable lessons in my time here!



Knowing that this was going to be the first time I would be working in an office environment; I didn’t quite know what to expect from my time here at Hello Monday. However, that quickly changed with the onboarding week. I was introduced to the various aspects of what they do here at Hello Monday and I realized there was so much more than I had previously imagined. I instantly felt challenged and engaged in the whole process and was eager to learn more.

The onboarding process was divided very well throughout the whole week so there weren’t any days that felt overwhelming and exhausting. Furthermore, no two days felt the same since every new day brought a new aspect to learn. I got to experience one of the many shared lunches here at Hello Monday. I instantly felt welcomed into the family of Hello Monday and was encouraged to share any questions or concerns I had. At the end of the week I felt like I was ready for my time here at Hello Monday and looked forward to learning much more about the various aspects of HR.



“Nothing excites me more than being able to embark on a new journey. The allure of being immersed in a new environment and the opportunity to learn and develop new skills while challenging what I already know is what drew me to Hello Monday. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have been given! The past week, I have had the absolute honour, alongside my fellow Larks, of gaining insights within the world of HR and ER from extremely talented, knowledgeable and passionate individuals in Will, Tara, Rachel, Shivashna and Jess – all of whom have made the onboarding sessions as smooth as can be.

I also gained insights on the operational procedures within Hello Monday and how crucial they are towards helping their clients and candidates in achieving their organisational or individual goals. I am sure I am not the only one of the Larks that will say that the team at Hello Monday are an infinite source of inspiration and knowledge. The values that Hello Monday live by truly resonated with me on a personal level as they are values that I try to adhere to all aspects of my life. I was reassured that I had found the perfect organisation to learn, develop and challenge myself for the betterment of both my personal and professional development.”