Recruiting high quality talent requires planning, processes and a whole lot of hard work! Even well-seasoned recruiters can drop the ball occasionally. Being under pressure to create a fast hire means that recruitment processes can sometimes be forgotten in the mad rush to get that placement!

Here’s a few recruiting mistakes to be made aware of and suggestions on how to avoid them. Let us help you stay on track and continue to attract and retain the best talent!

Rushing the process:

Although dragging the process out too much can cost you top talent, rushing may also leave you in the same position. Rushing the process too quickly can mean that you risk hiring the first person to present relevant experience rather than finding the best talent.

Not only can you miss out on top talent, moving too quickly may also mean bypassing vital steps in the recruitment process. To avoid this mistake, make sure you’ve defined your role well and pause at any red flags in a candidate’s application. Define the position, plan and write a great job description and set reasonable deadlines for applications and interviewing periods to make sure you are finding the best in the pool.

Not thinking long-term:

Retention is equally as (if not even more) important than attracting talent. High turnover can reflect badly on your company and the cost of a new hire can be very high. Rushing the recruitment process may fill the role quickly, but will they stay for the long haul?

Creating a stable, harmonious environment and culture and having a satisfied workforce starts at the very beginning of the recruitment process. Implement a comprehensive retention plan for each employee at the start of their employment.

Forgetting to consider team/culture fit:

Personality is key. Although skills and experience are very valuable when hiring, they need to be accompanied by a person’s character and behaviour. Personality clashes lead to a lack of collaboration and functioning!

Remember, you can train skills, but you can’t train personality! So, during your interview process ask candidates competency and culture fit questions to work out whether they could be a perfect match for the team.

Other mistakes to avoid:

  • Not following your instincts – you gut can be a great guide for fork in the road decisions.
  • Failing to learn from your mistakes. Reflection and recognition of areas to get right next time are so important to growth.
  • Forgetting to follow up. This is an opportunity for you to provide feedback, clear up any unease and create a good relationship with new hires!

The overall solution to avoiding these sorts of mistakes is simple. Invest in the recruitment process. Put time into understanding the role you are recruiting for. Write a great job advert to attract the right applicants and set realistic deadlines and timetables for recruiting and hiring the right person for the job!