Here at Hello Monday we are celebrating our recent success at the SEEK SARA awards.  We are thrilled to have accepted the award as WINNERS in ‘Excellence in Candidate Engagement’.  As a team, we are proud to have been recognised in this important area of recruitment.

So what can you do to prepare for recruitment in the New Year?  A prime requirement is to have not just adequate job descriptions for your team, but excellent, detailed and well written job descriptions that clearly define your needs, the role and the qualities of the people required.  Along with supporting you in your recruitment process, this is an area Hello Monday HR team can also help you with.

Staff resigning often happens around this time of the year also as people reflect on there career path over the Christmas break.  This is a ‘double’ edge sword, with staff leaving your team, but at the same time it means that there is some great ‘talent’ on the marketing looking for their next career move.  We have a strong data base of amazing candidates, and our Hello Monday recruitment team are ready to assist you in your search.  Call us today to discuss your needs further.