When we search for permanent talent for your business, there are a lot of important factors we consider before starting the process.

We don’t just slap an advert on the usual job boards and then feed you through CVs.  We actively care about building relationships, adding value and saving you time.

We take care and pride in our work right from get-go.  We will get to know and understand your business so we can find the right talent to fit with your unique company culture.   If we feel that someone isn’t the right fit for your culture – even though they have the necessary skills and experience – we’ll be sure to let you know.  Our goal is to find the right talent for your business that meets the brief we discussed at the beginning.

Our Approach

We see recruitment as part of the overall HR function. We apply our HR background, knowledge and experience into our recruitment process. So, when we meet talent for your business, we are assessing more than just skills and experience. We are looking at capabilities, background, fit and cross-functional skills to name a few. Through our detailed and transparent approach, we aim to help you feel completely confident with your hiring decisions.

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