When we search for permanent talent for your business, there are a lot of important factors we consider before starting the process.

We don’t just slap an advert on the usual job boards and then feed you through CVs.  We actively care about building relationships, adding value and saving you time.

We take care and pride in our work right from get-go.  We will get to know and understand your business so we can find the right talent to fit with your unique company culture.   If we feel that someone isn’t the right fit for your culture – even though they have the necessary skills and experience – we’ll be sure to let you know.  Our goal is to find the right talent for your business that meets the brief we discussed at the beginning.

Our Approach

We see recruitment as part of the overall HR function. We apply our HR background, knowledge and experience into our recruitment process. So, when we meet talent for your business, we are assessing more than just skills and experience. We are looking at capabilities, background, fit and cross-functional skills to name a few. Through our detailed and transparent approach, we aim to help you feel completely confident with your hiring decisions.

You want certainty in your recruitment process. Our 10-step recruitment plan gives you that. Here’s what we can do for you:

  1. Understand exactly what kind of person you need, detail by detail
  2. Write your position description tailored to the role and your business needs
  3. Help you design the right pay structure and benefits to attract the person you need
  4. Create a professional and compelling job advert to attract the right candidates
  5. Design a tailored interview process to reveal your most ideal candidate
  6. Screen and manage all applicants against your requirements
  7. Provide you with a short-list of qualified candidates based on your requirements and our experience
  8. Complete all necessary background checks including but not limited to; verbal reference checks, police and criminal background checks and credit/ACC checks etc.
  9. Short-list your most qualified candidates and professionally manage all unsuccessful applicants
  10. Prepare a robust employment agreement that meets the highest standards and structure an induction plan for you to onboard your successful new employee.

We give you confidence at every stage of the recruitment process. Just get in touch, we’re here to help.

You need the right person for your business, so we will work with you to complete a thorough job analysis and build an exacting job description to ensure you recruit the right person, for now and long-term.

We identify:

  1. The main tasks and responsibilities for the role
  2. Key skills and competencies needed to complete the job
  3. The level of experience required so you don’t hire anyone out of their depth or who will get bored too quickly
  4. Any qualifications they will need
  5. The kind of attributes they’ll need to fit in with your company culture

When you know exactly what you need and why; it’s so much easier to find the ideal person. We help you do that, just get in touch.

We use every known medium (and a few special touches of our own) to make sure your net is cast far and wide. You can’t hire the best candidate if they don’t know you’re looking for them.

We use all the usual methods; online job sites like Seek, My Job Space, TradeMe and LinkedIn. We head hunt and shoulder tap through our own extensive networks. They are out there and we find them – wherever they live, work and play.

We assess them against the standards we’ve agreed with you; shortlist the great ones and prepare everything you need to assess them for yourself. We keep you in the driving seat while we do all the heavy lifting. Just get in touch.

Competency testing means you know what a candidate’s capabilities are… and to exactly what standard. Yes, you can tell a lot from a CV but when you need to know for sure; we give you certainty.

We can arrange everything from Microsoft Office proficiency to complex psychometric assessments (and everything in between). Whether it’s skill set, knowledge or attitude you want confidence about, we can help you measure the important stuff for junior through to senior roles.

And knowing doesn’t just mean you hire the right skills; it means you can train and develop the right people (and teams) in the ways that will work for your wider business. Just get in touch.

Background checks keep you and your business safe. You need to be confident that you know all you need to about the people before you bring them into your business.

Some of our checks include:

  • Verbal reference checks x 2
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) including education and qualification checks
  • Police and criminal background check
  • Drivers licence check
  • Credit check
  • ACC check

In years of dealing with people we’ve learned how up front checking reduces the potential fallout from any possible disappointments or unwanted surprises – for everyone involved. Just get in touch, we’re here to help.

You already know that it’s against the law to start someone in your business without an employment or contracting agreement. A written agreement details that both parties know exactly what they’re agreeing to, otherwise you can find yourself liable for all sorts of unintended consequences and that’s not fun.

We ensure that every new employee or contractor has a valid and up-to-date employment agreement that’s fit for purpose to you and their role. We tailor all of our documents from employment application forms, letters of offer and new employee starter forms through to robust employment agreements (permanent full-time or part-time, casual or fixed-term). And we make sure you have the correct pre-employment forms (e.g. IR330 and KiwiSaver).

Expertly tailored resources aren’t complicated or expensive. But it will mean you have a smoother onboarding process and far less risk over the lifetime of the employment relationship. Just get in touch, we’re here to help.

The onboarding and induction process gets your new relationship off on the right foot. It’s important to make them feel welcome, understand what’s expected of them and ‘how we do things round here’. Remember, you’ve invested a lot to get them.

We provide two key tools to help settling your new team member in:

  • An on-boarding and induction plan so they know what is expected of them and get to know their way around the business
  • A 90 day road map so they know what they are in for in the first few months.

The onboarding and induction plan gives them all the information they need to start out in the best way possible; what’s expected of them, yes. Also, how to find their way around your business and where to find things.

The 90-day road map, gives you both a plan for their first three months in the role. Not only does it help settle them in, it shows your intentions for the start of their career with you. Early commitment takes away anxieties and gives everyone space to get on with the doing, which is exactly what you and your new employee needs. Just get in touch, we’re here to help.

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