Our second networking event on 24 September, was another successful one! We had the privilege of having Bridgette Dalzell – General Manager of Customer Services from Spark come and talk about Learning in the Digital Age, and how Spark and in particular Bridgette’s area has embraced digital learning with success. Bridgette gave us some insightful reasons why Spark has moved to the digital learning style, opposed to the traditional class room type inductions and workshops. One of the key drivers to their change was their customer experience and how they are continuing to enhance it. The engagement of their workforce, diversity and locations were some important factors they had to consider, when structuring their online learning strategy. Thank you Bridgette for sharing!

Here are some of the tips shared by Bridgette;

1. Listen & research the voice of your customer

2. Develop digital training to cater for all learning styles

3. Know your audience and think about the generation they have been bought up in!

4. Don’t over complicate the content

5. Learning should create an emotional connection with the learner.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any future events. Aside from the learnings we’ve also had people connecting or making connections and potentially working together on business opportunities, which is great to see.