Music is a universally loved joy in life. The power of one simple tune can bring your day from being insufferably miserable to being the best day ever.

Just like your morning coffee, music can fuel your day – except music won’t give you a caffeine crash. We can all agree on this fact, but can we all agree on whether music belongs in the workplace? Scientifically speaking, music releases dopamine which can boost your mood, improve your focus and increase productivity…but it can also bring out any psychopath in the office if somebody turns the radio on.

Let’s settle the great debate: Does music contribute to productivity in the office?


Motivational Drive

According to science: music awakens and activates all four lobes of the brain stimulating areas which help improve our mood. When we hear music, it gets processed in the auditory cortex and fires up the brain similar to cogs moving in a machine. From this, all our senses are awakened, bursting full of energy and life. When we feel good, we feel happier and motivated to focus, therefore increasing productivity and morale.

Blocks Out Environmental Distractions

In an enclosed space full of people typing away, chatting intermittently and noises of laughing can carry away throughout the office; It can be incredibly distracting for some depending on the task at hand. Music absorbs the attention away from these distractions allowing you to focus on your work.

Health Benefits

When it comes to music aside from its ability to induce happiness. Because music arouses dopamine – which is the reward centre of the brain – it can distract you from painful or stressful situations. Neurosciences believe that it reduces stress and anxiety, decreases pain and improves your immune system. Music is utilized in therapy sessions for dementia patients as it helps them recall long-forgotten memories and emotions.



Though some noises are acceptable, music can also cause disruptions in the office as it is still a form of noise. With so many genres available to choose from, it can be quite difficult to find something that suits everyone’s tastes. Additionally, some people simply find music intrusive and more irritating than white noise. The aim is to create a pleasant environment for people to work in; could music be self-contradictory to this?


Headphones can seem like the most perfect solution to address the issues stated above, however, it raises a different issue: isolationism. In an environment where open collaboration and active involvement is encouraged, headphones achieve the opposite. Imagine trying getting someone’s attention while they’re droned into their own little world because they have their earphones on.

Distracting (The Irony)

While music has a positive correlation to boosting productivity, it also may be helpful to opt for ambient music or turn off the music completely depending on what task you are performing. Songs with lyrics can interfere with the ability to retain new information, thus disrupting the learning process. Essentially, your brain is trying to multitask as it has to process auditory data while simultaneously processing new information you are trying to learn. This can lead to information being interpreted incorrectly increasing the chances for mistakes to happen.

To Play or Not To Play?

It is mutually conclusive that music has a powerful influence on people’s overall well-being and productivity at work. The complexity surrounding the relationship between music and productivity can be quite tricky to pinpoint where it belongs on the spectrum of good or bad. However, we can get one thing right: real potential can be unlocked among employees if music can be utilized appropriately – could even lead to discovering a competitive advantage.

The Choice is Yours: Try It!

We love the feeling of waking up to a brand new Monday; you should too. We love the feeling of refreshed and ready to get down to work, and sometimes music can do just the trick. Groove into your day with these tunes we’ve created on Spotify!

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