We know that every business is unique in the way it operates. The core of this is people functions, policies and procedures. Figuring out exactly what HR services each organisation needs is our specialty and that’s how our bespoke retained services model was born!

Over the years that Hello Monday has been operating, we’ve worked with clients in a range of business stages, industries and sizes. Working with these organisations highlighted a key factor that drives our services offerings – the uniqueness!

The retained model could look like 2 hours of HR services a week or 10 hours! It could involve creating or updating contracts, setting up new policies and processes, implementing an HRIS system and forming HR and people strategy for your organisation. Anything is possible with this service and anything can be added, reviewed, changed or updated to fit the requirements of your organisation.

We’ve developed our retained model to reflect this idea of bespoke packages and we design our service to fit the client we are working with. It’s sort of like a pick and mix service (but with a lot more tailoring!)

We look at the company’s current HR situation and make an informed, collaborative decision about what services would benefit them the most. We take budget and time into account and match a consultant to the company to set up, implement and work alongside the client with their HR needs.

Of course, there is always opportunity for review of the services provided in the retained model, as well as adding on other services like recruitment, coaching, personal development and workshops.

We would love to talk with you about our services and ways that we can work together to design a model to help you achieve your business goals and get you back to doing what your business does best!