Outsourcing is fast becoming a common trend among businesses who have limited time, resources and knowledge of a particular field. With tight labour markets and employees having the ability to move freely between jobs i.e. lower tenure the emphasis of company culture, employee engagement and loyalty are critical.  The role and function that HR plays in any business is becoming crucial for a business’s future.

Since I started Hello Monday nearly five years ago, I’ve seen the growing phenomenon of businesses outsourcing critical functions of their business such as HR, marketing, Social Media, IT, branding etc to specialist services providers.  The advent of technology has allowed this to happen seamlessly and making it more accessible for businesses of all sizes.  Business leaders are also becoming more informed, savvy and aware of where their capabilities lay, what to focus on, what tools and resources are available, and the importance of getting things right, especially when it comes to the compliance aspects of HR.  Too often we see company’s in the employment court for the wrong reasons when it comes to meeting their employment obligations.

If you have been contemplating or thinking about outsourcing your HR, then 2019 is the year to do it.  The range of duties, responsibilities and resources, along with the time to try and do these HR tasks as well as the mind space it occupies might surprise how much time you can actually get back. You may already know this but have been ignoring it.  An outsourcing HR company like Hello Monday can readily manage a whole range of HR tasks and functions that are holding you and your team back on focusing on the things that you are great at.

Removing risk

Our job is about risk mitigation and we help steer businesses away from danger.  Employment law and legislation changes on regular basis and not all businesses are up to speed with them as your focus is on other things. We get that. Our business has very experienced HR Consultants who are qualified and have held senior HR roles. They come armed with practical experience but are also up to speed with all current and relevant employment law.  Our experienced HR Consultants have helped save businesses thousands of dollars by providing sound advice and support, implementing practical and sustainable HR systems and processes, maintaining company policies and processes, employment contracts, training and practices.

Saving time

As mentioned above outsourcing has fast become the way to give you back time.  As a business owner or leader, you need the time (our biggest asset), to focus on moving your business forward rather than fumbling your way through an HR process.  Also, spare the cost (time and cost) of getting someone internal (not usually qualified) to navigate through HR that isn’t familiar to them either where they will spend time and money researching and looking for information that can be easily found by outsourced HR provider.

Providing efficiency

Outsourced HR companies are already set-up and ready to tackle every HR scenario.  We work across many industries and organisations and there isn’t much we haven’t seen.  We offer tailored solutions and guide businesses through situations faster.  Our support and services are structured to give you a seamless service and remove situations that can be costly if you don’t know what you’re doing.  This way you and your team can focus making your business more efficient.

Culture and engagement

When you have the compliance aspects of your business in place and your HR systems and processes are ticking over with an outsourced HR provider, this starts creating an environment that has less issues going on in the workplace.  You will find that your culture starts to improve as you have a way of working that is in sync with your company values. This is powerful.  People are more focused, feel valued, heard and they will contribute to the success of the business.  You will find that discretionary effort starts to happen and adds to the culture of your workplace, because people want to be there not because they have to be.