Westmount Education

Westmount Education is Living Its ‘Learning to Learn’ philosophy and Hello Monday is an Excellent Teacher!

Westmount Education’s HR Manager, Gary Andrews, posted a simple question in a LinkedIn group and Hello Monday responded. What’s happened since is a partnership that puts more money into education and less into administration. Find out how.

Westmount Education is private, multi-campus educational institution with clear and defining commitment to “Learning to Learn”. Their focus is on nurturing the “attitudes and skills necessary for continual learning and personal growth through life”. And it’s that focus that attracted them to Hello Monday and enableHR. HR Manager, Gary Andrews says, “enableHR has proven itself to be flexible and adaptable, and quite literally enables us to more effectively manage 250 staff remotely”.

Gary was introduced to Hello Monday’s Director, Will Allan via LinkedIn. He says, “I posted an HR question in a community group and Will replied. That tells you something in itself. Hello Monday has been really responsive since day one”.

Gary says, “We have 14 campuses from Invercargill to Kerikeri. The old system relied on spreadsheets and individual inputs from schools which was at best clunky and in practice, difficult to get accurate information quickly”.

He continues, “In the old days if I wanted to access specific information it could take a phone call, leaving a message for a staff member who might be teaching in class and then waiting ‘til they were available. Now I have access at the tip of my fingers. enableHR is making a huge difference already”.

The data transfer was completed in November 2015 with Hello Monday’s help. Says Gary, “It was seamless. We did do a lot of data cleaning (as you’d expect) and there was a hiccup with a mistake on one of our spreadsheets but once we had that sorted the next upload worked perfectly. It’s more than met my expectations and Hello Monday have been excellent to work with throughout”.

Will says, “Being able to tweak the system easily provides a huge benefit to our customers”. Gary says, “A good example is with teacher registration numbers and expiry dates. We realise other types of businesses don’t need this but when we asked Hello Monday for a solution; they sorted it and the fields were added. Now we can see exactly when registrations expire and automatically set emails to teachers, as a proactive reminder”.

“Education and IT aren’t always easy companions; we have our fair share of IT adverse people”, says Gary, “but enableHR is so intuitive. One of our Brethren schools in New Plymouth had no IT six years ago, yet have made massive gains and enableHR is proving the value of that kind of learning already.”

It’s this ease of use that Gary particularly enjoys, “I’ve worked with a few HR systems in my time; none that have been as easy to use. I can call up reports that would be a nightmare in other systems and access a wealth of data – that gives absolute transparency for Management and the Board”.

Transparency as it turns out is hugely important in a school environment. Says Gary, “The beauty of it is that it’s going to grow with us as we roll it out. Staff will be able to access and update their own details – changes of address and so on. But we can limit visibility which means that important details such as salaries remain tightly locked down; only accessible to those who should have access. And there’s a recruitment bolt on we may consider in future”.

“We can now have what is effectively a paperless office. One of the things that was so attractive to the Board and our parents is the consistency it provides which also means significant cost and time savings. Our parents in particular, appreciate the cost savings.”

Will says, “Schools are an important sector for us. They do have unique challenges so we listen and implement the solution that is right for them. There are so many different reasons individuals need access to HR information in the education sector. We can configure enableHR to smoothly deliver to everyone’s needs and that means school staff can focus on education not administration”.

With a view to the future, Gary adds, “We have a community of schools across the world. We wanted a tool with globalisation potential and enableHR gives us that for Australia and the UK. We already know how easy it is to modify so we have faith that it’s going to just keep delivering, and keep us learning”.