When I meet people and tell them what I do, one of the first things they say is “I love the name of your company,” then it is followed by “how did you come up with the name Hello Monday?”

When I had the idea – or perhaps more fitting the courage, to set-up the business, the first thing that came to mind was “what do I call my business”? For anyone starting out this can be a really tough decision and it certainly was for me. I wanted something that was easy to remember, catchy and hard to forget.

I enlisted the services of Waking Giants, a creative agency in Auckland that helped me with the branding for what has now become Hello Monday.  It was Grant Difford the owner of Waking Giants and one of his team Courtney Tremewan who came up with the name.  Initially, I was worried because branding is such a big process and an important one too.  They told me to take a couple of days to absorb it and I’m so glad I did.  One of my briefs to them was that I wanted to do something different with HR; everyone was doing the same stuff in terms of branding, having HR in their names and keeping to the traditional safe colours and style.  When they showed me the work they had done for the branding I was blown away and was sold on the name. Everything that I had described to them about why I wanted to start my own business, why I love helping people and coming to work every Monday was represented. They did a stellar job.

Some people love Monday and some just don’t.  I’m the former.  I’ve always looked forward to coming to work every Monday as I see it as a great opportunity to set yourself up for success and plan ahead so that you can achieve as much as possible for that week.  For me it makes sense and I wanted to share that with everyone and that’s what our name represents.

Every job I’ve had I’ve usually been the first one there every Monday raring to go.  When most people are getting over the weekend blues, I’ve started to focus on what I need to do achieve that week by looking forward to every Monday.

When we meet a business that needs our help there are always three things that I want to know about them.  They are; their culture, their values and their leadership.  These three things give me a really good gauge of where they are and how we can help them.  When those three things aren’t in sync, I wonder how many people look forward to coming to work on Monday.  This is where our work starts.


Will Allan
Founder + Director