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We’re always on the look out for great HR Co Ordinators, Advisors or Consultants to join our growing team. Have a read about what HR Consulting is all about and see if it might be right for you.

What is HR Consulting?

As Human Resources Consultants, we are contracted to businesses to help them with a specific HR related need or supplement their own internal HR department.  You’re effectively considered as part of the organisation, even though you’re an outsourced service provider.

The context of the HR consultant’s role depends on each company’s individual situation and stage of growth.

Generally, there are two reasons why companies hire an external HR consultant:

  • It is a small business without a dedicated HR team or the necessary experience and resources to undertake important projects such as training their leaders or regular tasks like onboarding new employees with up-to-date employment agreements or managing a tricky HR process such as an investigation or performance issue, for example.
  • It is a large company, with an HR team, but need an independent external perspective when faced with a particular challenge or project. In these cases, the consultant offers an objective point of view of the situation and brings to the table extensive knowledge outside of the industry or organisation which can add value in many cases.

Whatever your HR or Recruitment needs, our team is here to help

Hello Monday provides experienced and qualified HR Consultants who are very capable of guiding businesses through the complexities of HR and making the process easy.

What makes HR Consulting different to internal HR roles?

The HR Consulting is space is different to an internal HR role: the pace at which you work, the variety of work you do: one minute you are advising a professional services company on a proposed new structure, then you’re jumping into a senior leadership team meeting for a tech company or guiding a business owner through managing a poor performer. The scope of your HR and employment knowledge is regularly tested and often stretched.

As an established HR Consulting company, our client base is spread across different industries in New Zealand and some with connected abroad.  The variety keeps us on our toes and pushes us to always look at improving how we look after clients, but also helps us refine the services that we provide and how we deliver them.

The pace of execution is rapid and proactive.  You need to be aware of and focussed on identifying and addressing a client’s immediate needs and be able to develop great relationships and trust so that you can easily anticipate their future needs – always mindful of mitigating any potential people risk in their business.

A genuine passion for service and helping people achieve their goals is essential for a Consultant.  We’re here to serve in the best interests of our clients.  Being an outsourced HR partner really pushes you to consider the individual needs of a company and to think of how you can help improve that client’s specific workplace environment.  Your creativity is often called upon, as no one shoe fits all.

What is HR Consulting at Hello Monday about?

Clients proactively engage us because they are in immediate need of HR help in some capacity.  They value that we can focus directly on what they need to resolve, the expertise they have access to and the timeframe that we can turn things around in. We become their trusted advisors and they, in turn, become great advocates for our services.

At Hello Monday, we simultaneously work with organisation at differing levels of HR maturity and different stages in their own growth journey.  The breadth and depth of experience and knowledge gained from such diverse work gives us opportunity to grow and develop ourselves at a much faster rate that we would inhouse.  The experience and opportunity it can take 3 years to gain in an inhouse role can be achieved in 1 year in an outsourced HR consulting role.  You really are fast tracking your career in terms of what aspects of HR you are exposed to – sometimes thrown in the deep end but always supported by the broader Hello Monday team.

Our service is not just delivering one type of service or templated solutions, it is about truly partnering with clients to understand their business and to see where the HR gaps are and determine collaboratively how we can help them solve them.

If you like the thrill and excitement of contributing your HR expertise and really helping businesses transform and grow; and you feel energised by the opportunity to juggle a variety of interesting HR work projects simultaneously and can do so in a structured way – with a focus on delivering high quality work, then being an external HR Consultant could be a great path for you to take.


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