HR Compliance & Advice

HR Compliance & Advice

HR Compliance and Advice

When we work with new clients, we often find that their most important employment documents, such as their employment agreements and workplace policies and guidelines are out of date.

This poses a massive risk to their business and leaves them significantly exposed to serious consequences, such as personal grievances, going to mediation, or being called on by the Labour Inspector and in the worst-case scenario ending up in front of the Employment Relations Authority (ERA).

Our dedicated HR team will ensure that the HR compliance aspect of your business is set in place so that you are protected from expensive employment compliance mistakes.

With this focus in mind, we work hard with you to make sure your workplace is protected throughout all your employment and HR practices including:

When we help you get your HR compliance in place, you’ll have peace of mind that all your employment processes are in order and current with New Zealand employment legislation.

Whatever your HR needs, our team is here to help

Our dedicated team will support you in achieving your goals while ensuring that your HR practices and documents are legal and compliant and supportive of your organisational goals and objectives.


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