Outsourced HR

Human Resources or HR play a critical role in the success of your business, whatever business phase you are in.

Starting out, growing, acquiring new businesses, or changing direction. These are all exciting phases to be in and can be rewarding for both your business and your people when done right.

HR is the backbone of many small and medium sized businesses in New Zealand. Starting from recruitment and onboarding to managing your people, building and developing culture and engagement, health and safety, remuneration and benefits, policies and guidelines, employment legislation and process, and ensuring a productive and effective work environment; are just some of the areas that are critical for all businesses to ensure their business operations runs effectively and efficiently.

While many enterprise-level companies have their HR departments and teams in place, it’s often difficult for small to medium sized businesses to get the HR support they need at critical times or when they want it. Budget and resource constraints can make developing an HR strategy, planning and implementing it nearly impossible, along with maintenance and help when it counts, and that’s where Hello Monday comes in.

Outsourcing your HR function to Hello Monday is the answer. Hello Monday’s Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) services take the burden of managing HR off your business’s shoulders for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time HR Manager.

Our qualified HR team are also useful for companies that have an in-house HR team; and our HRO model can help alleviate the workload placed your company’s overburdened HR team by handling recruiting, hiring, training, HR reviews, payroll and benefits administration.

At Hello Monday, we are here to make HR easy for you, your business and your people.  We take the pressure off business by supporting them to manage difficult and sometimes complex HR situations, tasks and challenges. We understand your HR pain and we have strong systems and processes in place, a wealth of knowledge and valuable insights to help you. When you partner with Hello Monday, you’ll receive all the outsourced HR functions, advice, support and solutions you need, to see your business grow, mitigate risk and create a great work place culture, so that everyone looks forward to coming to work every Monday!