A Dedicated HR Manager

A Dedicated HR Manager

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A Dedicated HR Manager

A strong HR foundation is essential for any business to succeed long term and consistently reach its business goals and objectives.

Hello Monday provides you with a dedicated HR professional who essentially becomes part of your team! Your dedicated HR consultant looks after all the HR-related aspects in the business:

  • reviewing your existing HR practices and employment documents and updating them as necessary;
  • helping develop an HR strategy aligned to your broader business strategy
  • building HR capability within your leaders – coaching you and your team through a variety of employment situations.

They can do so remotely or, in many cases, on-site and are backed by a broadly skilled HR team at Hello Monday should additional coverage ever be needed.

Your dedicated HR manager is easily reached by direct phone or email, so you can reach them when you need them. Your dedicated HR consultant is backed by a broadly skilled HR team, so if, for any reason, they are unavailable, one of our Hello Monday team members will be there to help.

Whatever your HR needs, our team is here to help you

Whatever your HR needs are, our team is here to help you. We will tailor our support to your business to create practical solutions that set your business up for success.

Benefits of having a dedicated HR Consultant:

  • One-stop-shop for all HR related needs from administration to employment relations administration, support, recruitment, HR strategy, workforce planning and employment relations
  • They are an HR partner to your leadership team
  • Through our retained service plans offering, you can access long term, ongoing HR support
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