Employment Contract Management

Employment Contract Management

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Employment Contract Management

Are you spending too much time putting together employment contracts for your new employees? Have you downloaded an employment contract or borrowed one from a friend to adapt to your business? Or you haven’t got one yet?

These are scenarios that we come across all the time. We understand that you get busy in your business, and you don’t make it a priority or forget to get current employment agreements in place to reflect your business and the roles you are recruiting for. We also know that it can damage your business and cost you a lot when you get it wrong.

By outsourcing, this time-consuming and complex task to our team of HR experts will ensure that you get the latest employment agreement that is tailored to your business and industry. Our team will also ensure that all your other employment documents, systems and processes align with your employment agreements along with your organisational goals and objectives and that you meet your employment law obligations.

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We take care of all employment contracts on your behalf to get the employment relationship off on a good start!

When you partner with us, you will get:

  • Current and tailored employment agreements for all roles in your business
  • Professional advice on what clauses must be included
  • Piece of mind that you have the right contracts in place for all your employees.
  • Time is saved as we put your employment agreements together for your new employees.
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