Employment Law Advice

Employment Law Advice

Employment Law Advice

Many HR processes and practices are guided by employment legislation that you need to follow as an employer. You not only need to think about the way to maximise your people’s output and achievements, but you also need to understand your obligations as set under New Zealand employment law.

Employment legislation in New Zealand is quite complex, especially when you don’t know how to approach a particular employment situation. Our dedicated team of HR experts at Hello Monday will hold your hand through any tricky HR and employment issues and advise you accordingly.

When we work with you, we always ensure that you have the best possible advice and guidance as we help you navigate through any complex employment issues and situation. Every situation is different, and with our broad expertise and guidance, you will have the best HR team available to support you.

Whatever your HR needs, our team is here to help

Hello Monday provides experienced and qualified HR Consultants who will guide you through the complexities of HR and making the process easy.

How We Help:

  • Employment law can be difficult to understand, and we help you interpret your rights and obligations easily.
  • Your dedicated HR consultant who will give you tailored and practical employment law advice.
  • You will have the comfort of knowing that you will have support from start to close.
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If you are unsure about what employment legislation means or want to make sure that you meet all your obligations as an employer, our friendly HR compliance team can help.